Cleaning and Caring for Jewelry


It is no surprise that after a while your jewelry looks less attractive and dull due to dirt, tarnish and grime. No need to worry though, we have some pro tips on how to properly care for your jewelry.

Pro Tips

1. Remove Rings: Don’t forget to take off your rings when washing hands, applying lotion, cleaning the house, or even applying makeup to ensure it stays dirt free!

2. Store Silver in an Anti-Tarnish Bag:
To keep your jewelry looking new avoid letting it sit in a jewelry box.

3. Avoid Wearing Jewelry in Water:
Saltwater and chlorine can damage your jewelry.

4. Clean your Jewelry Regularly:
When you notice build-up dirt and grime, make sure to take some time to clean your jewelry.

5. Get Valuable Jewelry Checked:
It is advised to regularly get your jewelry inspected by a reputable jeweler to ensure everything is in great shape.

Need something to clean your jewelry? Keep your jewelry clean and beautiful with the trusted performance of Goddard’s Jewelry Cleaner:

  • Instantly Cleans and Shines
  • Dissolves Tarnish and Dirt
  • Safe for All Precious Metals and Stones
  • Ammonia Free
  • Dipping Basket and Brush Included
  • Kosher Certified


  • Dip jewelry into cleaning solution and soak for two minutes. For small articles, use dipping basket. For larger articles, pour Goddard’s Jewelry Cleaner solution into a bowl. For the best results, brush embedded dirt from jewelry with the enclosed brush.
  • Rinse article in water and dry with a soft, clean cloth. The Goddard’s Cloth is recommended for drying. It will provide your jewelry with an added layer of protection against tarnish.