Granite & Stone Spray Polish
Granite & Stone Spray Polish

Granite & Stone Spray Polish

Granite surfaces require protection against wear and tear so they can maintain a naturally beautiful appearance. Experience the tradition of superior shine and protection in your home with Goddard's Granite & Stone Spray Polish.
  • Seals and Protects Against Stains.
  • Safe for Food Surfaces.
  • Gives Granite and Stone a Deep, Rich Luster.
  • Fast, Easy Way to a Beautiful Shine.
  • Also Safe for Marble, Stone, Tile and Corian®.

Goddard's Granite & Stone Polish continues the distinguished excellence in home furnishing care that began over 180 years ago with Joseph Goddard. The great performance of Goddard's is now available in a convenient spray. This cleaner and polish provides a quick and easy way to maintain granite's classic beauty. To add a layer of protection and keep a brilliant shine, spray Goddard's as needed. Made in the United States. Kosher Certified.


  • Shake well.
  • Hold bottle 6 inches from surface and spray over the entire area.
  • Wipe immediately with a clean, soft cloth, turning occasionally.
  • For smaller items or hard-to-reach surfaces, spray directly onto cloth and wipe.
  • Heavily-soiled surfaces should be cleaned prior to using polish.

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