Granite & Stone Liquid Polish
Granite & Stone Liquid Polish

Granite & Stone Liquid Polish

To provide the strongest protection and deepest shine on granite and stone, use the original Goddard's Granite and Stone Liquid Polish.
  • Specially Formulated with Brazilian Carnauba Wax.
  • Seals and Protects from Water Spotting and Stains.
  • Deep, Brilliant Shine.
  • Excellent for High Use Countertops.

Goddard's Granite and Stone Polish contains 100% natural Carnauba wax, making it safe for kitchens and bathrooms. Use Goddard's Granite and Stone Polish when you clean to bring out the natural beauty of marble, quartz, Corian®, and other stone surfaces. Made in the United States. Kosher Certified.


  • Shake well.
  • Pour polish generously onto a soft, dry cloth.
  • Wipe evenly along the grain of stone.
  • Polish surface to a rich luster with a clean, soft cloth.

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Pkg Size: 8 oz.